Thanks for showing interest in our courses.

Following your application, we are delighted to give you an offer to take a make money online course bundle of 4 courses at subsidized fee under below arrangement.

The Learning Process

This course bundle is available online. There is no fixed schedule when enrolled. We shall give you access to a learning portal. You can access notes and recorded video lessons from the portal at your own convenient time. The online portal also allows for the interaction with mentor to give you additional guidance on demand. You study at your own time, and book appointment or consultation with mentor as you will agree. The consultation can also be done on whatsapp, email, skype, phone call, or visit to our office if necessary. 95% of our students are comfortable interacting with mentor via portal only.  We also have a telegram channel for all students, where they interact, compare notes, share jobs and tips.

Learning Duration

Our courses are short and go for an average of 3 weeks, but it is fully dependent on you; since you are the one to choose when to interact with our learning materials. This bundle has 4 courses. You can choose to do all at once or one at a time. Every course has two parts: the theoretical and practical. The theory can take a minimum of a week. The maximum period depends on you. The practical part is the mentorship. Our mentorship is on-going. It’s not time bound.

Participation in learn as you earn program

We encourage our students to take part in this program. Periodically, we shall be posting some tasks from our clients or recommend earning opportunities. While participation is optional, for those who wish to pay fees in instalment, this is a good option. This means after the initial deposit of Ksh 2000, you are able to get the remaining balance for fees from your earnings.

The Courses and Their Earning Potential

Earning potential is dependent on the course you choose and your aggressiveness. All our courses have earning potential in a matter of days or weeks after completion or even as you are continuing with study. We teach practical online businesses which will require some dedication and little effort and zero or little investment to get started.

Offer Validity Period

This offer is only valid for 7 days counted from the day admission letter was sent to you. The management reserves the right to decline admission upon expiry of this period. The fees offer is also valid for 7 days. Fees will be readjusted upwards upon expiry of the offer period.


At the end of course, you get a certificate and it is a good idea to upload it in online jobs marketplaces. We have partnered with Chartered Institute of Education Marketing and Consultancy for certification.

Getting Started

To get started, you are required to pay fees to MPESA or account number given below.

Please choose the best fee payment arrangements from the two options below:

  1. If intending to meet full fees in advance, you are given an offer to pay Ksh 5000 to cater for all courses in the bundle
  2. If intending to pay in instalment, you can begin with Ksh 2000 deposit, and make other 2 payments of Ksh 2000 as you earn. Please note there is an additional Ksh 1000 if you pay in instalment, hence your total fees will be Ksh 6000, instead of Ksh 5000 for a bundle of 4 courses.

For fees payment, kindly send to MPESA or Bank account number below. After payment, forward bank/MPESA confirmation message to 0723451664

How to Make Payments

MPESA payment procedure:

  1. Go to MPESA
  2. Select Lipan na MPESA
  3. Select Buy Goods and Services
  4. Insert buy Goods Number 686112
  5. Confirm and send payment
  6. Confirmation Message should read Chartered Institute of Education Marketing and Consultancy
  7. Send MPESA confirmation message to 0723451664

Bank Payment Procedure:

  • Pay to Account name Chartered Institute of Education Marketing and Consultancy
  • Bank is Cooperative Bank of Kenya
  • Account Number is 01192701979500

For any other queries, please don’t hesitate to call us on 0723451664/0208000641/020800647. You can also send email to We highly encourage using whatsapp for faster correspondences. 

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