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Writing for money or getting paid to write is something you might be thinking and wanting to do. Writing online is the BEST way to earn extra spending money. All things online begin with writing content. You don’t have to be a great writer to get started. We shall teach you the tricks? You can earn a few hundred or even a few thousand dollars per month working as a freelance writer. All of our graduates have made very successful careers as freelance writers (some as a side gig in addition to their 9-5 job). Discover a whole new world of freelance writing and how to make money as an online writer by taking Kenya Freelancers Academy Writing Expert Course Bundle

In this bundle, you take four courses outlined below:

Make Money Online as an Article Writer

Make Money Online as a blogger and Ebook Ghost Writer

Make Money Online as an Academic Writer

Make Money Online as a Transcriptionist

Target Group

  • Those who need something to give them money fast without investment
  • Those looking for an opportunity to work from home
  • Those looking for side hustle to supplement their income
  • Those looking for a passive income generation opportunity
  • Those with passion for written work
  • Students looking for gigs to help them earn income to pay their college fees

Learning Process and Mode of Study

This course is available online. There is no fixed schedule when enrolled. We shall give you access to a learning portal. You can access notes and recorded video lessons from the portal at your own convenient time. The online portal also allows for the interaction with mentor to give you additional guidance on demand. We also have a telegram channel for all group members. Students can therefore interact, compare notes, share jobs and tips.

Learning Duration

Our courses are short and go for an average of 3 weeks, but it is fully dependent on you; since you are the one to choose when to interact with our learning materials. This bundle has 4 courses. You can choose to do all at once or one at a time. The course has two parts: the theoretical and practical. The theory can take a minimum of a week. The maximum period depends on you. The practical part is the mentorship. Our mentorship is ongoing. It’s not time bound. In the online industry, things change. Google for instance can come up with an update that will force people to change how people were marketing online. Our researchers ensure that they are abreast with emerging trends, so our clients are periodically updated. If you take our course, the assumption is that you wish to engage in selling a service or product, so you are a business person not an employee. Therefore, it’s also your responsibility to consult with mentor often to succeed.

The Courses and Their Earning Potential

Earning potential is dependent on the course you choose and your aggressiveness. All our courses have earning potential in a matter of days or weeks after completion. We teach practical online businesses which will take you some dedication and little effort, and little or no investment to get started.


On average an article of 400 words go for an average of Ksh 300. On a single day, with a good profile, you can do an average of 10 articles. On average therefore, you can make at least Ksh 3000 daily with article writing while spending less than 5 hours online. If you work for more hours, and with better paying clients, it will be more.


If doing an ebook of 200 pages, you can charge a client a minimum of Ksh 100000. If you are an experienced ebook writer, you can charge higher than that.


With transcription, you can charge a minimum of Ksh 1000 per 1 hour of audio or video. Assuming that you can concentrate for 5 hours a day, that will translate to Ksh 5000. Experienced transcribers charge more than Ksh 2500 per hour.

Cost, Scholarship and Financing

We have two learning modes. You can opt for a group or individual class.

The group class has an intake period and we charge Ksh 5000 for all the 4 courses. This comes to an average of Ksh 1250 per course. Under group class, you can even be allowed to pay in instalment. This means that you can pay Ksh 2000 to get started, and perhaps get money to clear the fees balance from your earnings. Individual class is case specific. You get same learning materials with those in group class, but have individual contact sessions with mentor. You may still join the group whatsapp, google group and telegram channel to exchange ideas and grow with the rest.

If you wish to enrol for group class at a fee of Ksh 5000, payable in instalment or on a learn as you earn program, please click link below:


At the end of course, you get a certificate and it is a good idea to upload it in online jobs marketplaces. We have partnered with Chartered Institute of Education Marketing and Consultancy for certification.

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