What Other Students Say

I have searched a lot online to find a good online course which is affordable too but none of them could give me confidence in their teaching module and cost as well. Until one day my friend recommended me to take an Apps Development Course at Kenya Freelancers Academy. I laughed because I had no training in programming and I didn’t think it was something I was made to do. I contacted Kenya Freelancers Academy, and to my surprise, they accepted me, and taught me how to develop software using their apps. I have sold 10 apps, now, the lowest amount I fetched was Ksh 40000 for one app. I couldn’t imagine that I had taken 5 years after completing University looking for a job. I wish I knew about this earlier.

Morris Wafula

I had gotten tired of looking for writing opportunities. Having done academic writing for 6 years, I must admit I got tired. I needed to look for something more reliable, at least not seasonal. I would make money for several months when students in Europe are on session, and slide to poverty for many months when out of season. I learnt about how to make money with explainer videos course offered by Kenya Freelancers Academy. I had no passion or training in videography. I enrolled, and trained with their software. I make great videos for my clients. My investment was only Ksh 5000 for training. I made Ksh 200000 three months after training.

Ann Mutila

I have taken two courses from Kenya Freelancers Academy: Affilliate Marketing and Selling Goods and Services Online. When I was advised to take selling goods and services online course I had no products of my own to sell. I discussed with my mentor, and he recommended me to several partners, some local and others international. They sent me their product images and I started making use of skills learnt from my course to drive traffic to the site they helped me create. The second course, affiliate marketing, was another great one. I was exposed to local and international merchants with easy and fast selling services. To get started, Kenya Freelancers Academy introduced me to their partners, and I started selling their products.

Benard Bighton

I came across Kenya Freelancers Academy when I was looking for the best digital marketing institute in Kenya that would provide the practical and theoretical knowledge about Internet Marketing. My journey with Kenya Freelancers Academy has been really amazing. Peter, with his expertise in the field of facebook and adwords marketing, increased our knowledge about the fields in a very unique way, which helped pique my interest in areas and technologies related to internet marketing. I would certainly recommend Kenya Freelancers Academy Make Money Advertising course to anyone who wants to get started making money online. I am now offering consultancy on social media marketing, adwords advertising and SEO

Maureen Montet

I am a marketing professional and wanted to enhance my marketing skills by learning how make money selling micro services in Kenya . It is then I started searching for make money online programs. I needed aprogram that I could take online, and where am able to meet a mentor in office if I need them. I went through Kenya Freelacers Academy make money online courses. Initially I was confused about which one to choose and then I decided to analyse each based on my intrests and income potential. Well I believed in “Practice in what you preach.” And that’s how I joined Kenya Freelancers Academy. When I met Jane, my mentor, the first thing she did was analyze my skill set and then suggested the verticals I should concentrate on. I explained to her that I had taken an online course couple of years back and wasn’t satisfied with that. She assured me it won’t be the same and I would say, she walked her talk. I resigned from employment, and I am now doing an online business.

Brian Mukuria

I was looking for a change after six years of doing academic writing. My thorough research on how to make money online took me to Kenya Freelancers Academy website. My first interaction with them provided me sufficient knowledge about their professionalism and experience in training. Initially, I had this mentality that making money online was about writing only. But I was wrong.. I am now doing apps development. I joined this course without programing skills. I am now making apps for businesses. The earnings are far much better than what writing gave me.

 I wasted my 6 years looking for academic writing, but that didn give me money to buy a car. 6 months into apps development, and I am making good money.

 I recommend Kenya Freelancers Academy to anyone who doesn’t know where to get started in making money online. Talk to them, choose a suitable course and start making money

Grace Annita